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I’m a freelance photographer from Calicut. I’ve worked in the photography industry for more than five years, and I like to capture photographs of people and places all around the world. Whether it’s about an event, a venue, or a special moment, I want my photographs to tell a story that’s authentic to the people who are in them. I use my professional skills to help my clients succeed, whether that means creating an outstanding shot or coming up with an innovative marketing strategy. I do freelance Wedding photography and Bridal Photography in Calicut & Malappuram.

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A well-known function of a professional photographer is to precisely capture the moments of your special day and post them on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for everyone to see and share in your happiness. This offers others who couldn’t attend your special day the chance to find out about what occurred there, making you both feel good about it and possibly allowing you to see it through their eyes.


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